Saturday, December 8, 2012

Rosemount Hill

I got another review request, this time from Boxcar Willy, my friend over at Metal Storm. He says his music is a mix of black metal and shoegaze. I don't like shoegaze, but whatever. It's still good that someone requested that I review their work.

There are no vocals, so I can't comment on them. Then again, music like this works best without vocals. Some of the slow clean guitar strumming is pretty nice, especially on the second track. The slow distorted guitars are nice as well, but he isn't all that great at playing fast, as he makes a few mistakes. Then again, he's young and this is his first demo, so I'll cut him some slack. The drum machine is pretty good when it's playing slow rhythms, but it sounds rather obnoxious when it's playing fast. Again, I'll forgive him in this department. A good drum machine is pretty expensive and he probably doesn't have the money for it.

This was a pretty nice first attempt. It's a lot better and much less pretentious than a lot of shoegaze black metal out there. Just keep improving your craft and you'll end up making something great.

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