Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Live Burial – Demo 2013

I can't find any good metal bands on Bandcamp as of late, so I decided to look through my computer for albums I downloaded from Bandcamp in the past. I eventually stumbled upon this. Live Burial is a doom/death band that comes from a British town called Newcastle upon Tyne. They formed in 2012 and released their first demo one year later.

The production is pretty raw. It feels like a death metal demo that was recorded in the late '80s. It's slightly muffled and abrasive, but you can still hear everything just fine. The drums play slow and crawling beats that feature great cymbal work and a strong snare sound. Despite being a doom/death band, there are moments where they play some fast and powerful blast beats. The bass is pretty prominent and they play some great riffs that help bolster the rest of the music. This is especially obvious on the last song.

The vocals aren't your typical death metal vocals. They're more of a gravelly death/thrash scream. I wish the vocals were more of a growl, but the screams still work fine here. The guitars are the best part of this demo. They play a lot of piercing high-pitched chords that send us back to the earliest days of metal, back when Black Sabbath reigned supreme. There are also moments when they pick up the pace and play some shredding riffs that embody the spirit of '80s thrash metal. They even play a few sweet solos on occasion.

This demo was short, simple and straightforward, but it's still good. I really loved the high-pitched guitar work. You can download this album for free from their Bandcamp page.

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Touhou Tuesday #181

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Monday, August 3, 2015

Convulsion (Nzl) – A Pickled Feast

There once was a death metal band from New Zealand named Convulsion. They lasted for only two years and released only one demo in 1993 and split up one year later. The name of this demo is A Pickled Feast. After I finished laughing at the title, I decided to actually listen to the demo. My joy turned to disappointment when I realized just how boring the music was.

As far as production goes, this demo is pretty average. It's muddy, but not horribly muddy. What really kills this demo is the music itself. The drums spend most of their time playing really simple and slow rhythms. You might argue that they were going for a doom/death approach, but I've listened to a lot of doom/death bands and let me tell you that they're able to come up with far more interesting slow rhythms than this. They try to perform a few blast beats on occasion, but they sound really sloppy and malformed. They do play a few fills on occasion, but they don't make up for how tiresome and repetitive the rest of the performance is.

The vocals try to sound like Jeff Walker, but they don't do a very good job at it. They also performs some growls that sound like an old man with a serious bout of constipation grunting as he's trying to squeeze out a giant turd that's as hard as stone. As for the guitars, they spend most of the demo playing extremely monotonous chugging riffs that get horribly repetitive in no time flat. There's no real thought put into the performance. They just play a whole bunch of basic power chords that are spaced out a few seconds apart all while hoping that the listener is too dumb to realize just how simple the music really is. They also play a few shredding riffs, but they too are bland and repetitive.

Although this demo might have a funny name, the music is boring, sloppy and migraine-inducing. Don't waste your time with it.
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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Confessions Of Obscurity – Hack'm Into Pieces

Confessions Of Obscurity is a goregrind band from Belgium. They formed in 1994 and released their full-length debut Hack'm Into Pieces two years later. Apparently they're still around, but they haven't released anything since 2000. Judging by the quality of the music, Confessions Of Obscurity deserve to remain in obscurity.

This album's biggest problem is the over-reliance on audio clips. These guys are almost as bad as Mortician when it comes to that shit. Almost every single song on this album begins with an audio clip, and that audio clip often makes up half the length of the song. Since this album is twenty minutes long, that means the album contains ten minutes worth of audio clips. The fact that the band uses audio clips this much is a sign of laziness. It's also a sign that their music sucks donkey jizz.

This band's goregrind is subpar at best and musical diarrhea at worst. The drums spend almost the entire album playing a bunch of blast beats that feature a dull thumping snare, clicking double bass, and cymbals that sound like jingling keys. There's no variety at all and the performance gets really annoying in only a short amount of time. The vocals consist of the most stereotypical growl you can possibly imagine. They try to sound brutal but they just end up sounding laughable. As for the guitars, they play a bunch of shredding riffs that just sound like rapid fire farts. The distortion is weak and it's obvious that they put no thought into riff composition whatsoever.

In short, this album is one half cheap filler and another half lazy, shitty goregrind. Hack'm Into Pieces should be hacked into pieces and Confessions Of Obscurity should stay in obscurity.
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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Taking Out The Trash #1

Guys, I have a problem: I have a whole bunch of shitty albums that are taking up space on my computer, but I don't have enough time to give them full reviews. It's for this reason that I've decided to create a new column. I call it Taking Out The Trash. This is where I quickly tear apart shitty metal albums and then throw them in the trash where they belong. Hope you enjoy it.
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Friday, July 31, 2015

Nex Carnis – Obscure Visions of Dark

Iran is more famous for its black metal than its death metal. Sure, they have a few death metal bands, but none of them really catch my attention. This year I finally discovered an Iranian death metal band that is worth my while. Their name is Nex Carnis. They formed in 2012 and released their full-length debut Obscure Visions of Dark in May of this year. Judging by their logo and the album cover, I had a feeling I would be in for some old school death. My hunch was right.

The production is rather clean. I wish it had a grittier quality to it, but it still has a decent amount of power to it. The real selling point of this album is the music, which is an incredible homage to the legendary death metal bands that existed during the genre's glory days in the early '90s. The drums are played by Jirka Zajíc. Even though the rest of the band is Iranian, the drummer is from the Czech Republic. Did he perhaps record his drums in the Czech Republic and sent the tracks over the internet to Iran? I don't know. What I do know is that his performance is excellent. His blast beats are rampaging. His mid-paced rhythms feature plenty of rampaging double bass and elaborate patterns. Sometimes he plays some creeping doom/death rhythms, and he makes sure to top off everything with some amazing fills.

The vocals are performed by Asto Vidatu. He belts out a lot of deep and menacing growls that sound similar to early Immolation. They're fantastic. He sounds like an otherworldly entity that is preaching doom and desolation. Best of all is the guitar work of a guy known only as Incruent. It's pure old school fury. Sometimes he plays some sweet thrashing riffs and other times he plays some really dark and diabolical tremolo riffs. There are also some occasions when he performs some arpeggios that remind me of bands like Slayer. Then there are moments when he plays some creeping mid-paced riffs that sound similar to bands such as Morbid Angel. Most amazing of all are the solos. They sound like a cross between Death and Morbid Angel. They're wild, vicious, chaotic, but they also feature a bit of grace. My favorite is the one on “Murky Pits of Time”.

Sure, these guys aren't reinventing the wheel, but they do play some awesome death metal that worships at the altar of the old death metal gods. It sounds evil and it features great instrumental work. This is one of the best metal albums of 2015 and is a sign that Iran's metal scene is becoming larger and more developed.
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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Funerality – Eros Darkness Tartarus

Funerality is another one of those really old and obscure extreme metal bands from Brunei. They formed back in 1990 and released just one demo called Eros Darkness Tartarus in 1994 before splitting up. Will they be great like Tombcrusher or will they be terrible like Daemon? Let's find out.

This demo begins with an intro that lasts for way too long. This shit lasts for two and a half minutes. Let me make it clear that I don't have a problem with intros. I just have a problem with intros that go on for too long. Any intro that lasts for longer than a minute is bound to bore the listener. As for the meat of the demo, it's not terrible, but it's not great either. The production is really inconsistent. On “Spirits of the Deep, Who Never Sleep”, the distortion is really weak and sounds like some guy crushing saltines in his hands. On “Journey”, the music is really quiet. On “In the Ancient Thrones”, the music is incredibly muffled. Why is the production so inconsistent? Did they record all of these songs during different sessions or something?

The actual music isn't all that impressive. Sometimes the drums play blast beats, sometimes they play some simple mid-paced rhythms, and sometimes they play some fills. They're not really doing anything exciting. The vocals consist of your typical black metal croak. Just like the production, the vocals sound really inconsistent. Sometimes they have a medium pitch and other times they sound really high-pitched. As for the guitars, they play your typical early '90s black metal riffs. Sometimes they play some tremolo riffs and other times they play some mid-paced power chords. They try to sound cold, but this is ruined by the terrible production.

In conclusion, even though Funerality is nowhere near as bad as Daemon, it's still far from being good. Sure, the bass might be really prominent, but that's still not enough to make this demo worth anyone's time.
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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Milumet – Myth Is the Womb Through Which Fact Must Pass

Milumet (don't know if it's pronounced mill-uh-met or mill-oo-may) is a pretty new black metal band from Texas. They've also been pretty active. They've released four demos just last year, their latest one being the rather pretentiously titled Myth Is the Womb Through Which Fact Must Pass.

Milumet plays blackened punk in the same vein as Bogvalal. Given their similarities, it's no surprise that both bands are signed to the same label. The production is lo-fi, loud, and highly distorted, but the music can still be heard quite well. The drums play a lot of simple bass-snare rhythms. Their main job is to simply keep the pace, but there are moments when they launch into simple and violent blast beats. The cymbal crashes sound great and they do play some sweet fills on occasion.

The vocals consist of an angry rasp that is heavily distorted. The performance is energetic and it seethes with hate. Best of all are the guitars. They play a lot of simple tremolo riffs that are distorted and cold, but they also have this great punkish vibe. In between the tremolo riffs they play some excellent mid-paced hooks. The guitars are dark but they feature a great deal of energy.

This demo is basic and short, but the music is great. It's a nice blend of black metal and punk that features great lo-fi production and raw instrumental work.
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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Abyssal – Antikatastaseis

I've been following Abyssal since the day they released their first album back at the beginning of 2012. It was originally brought to my attention by a (sadly now defunct) metal blog known as The Living Doorway. These guys play a style of blackened death metal that is dark and terrifying. After releasing their second full-length Novit Enim Dominus Qui Sunt Eius at the start of 2013, they went to sleep for two years. Then, on June 23 of this year, they arose from the depths of the earth and released their third full-length Antikatastaseis through Profound Lore Records. I'm pretty sure Profound Lore is the reason why Abyssal is just now starting to get a great deal of attention.
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Touhou Tuesday #180

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